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The ACCESS Call Center Account Management Team's main focus is to provide immediate assistance and feedback to you, utilizing Gantt charts or action item lists to manage various account refinements and ongoing activities. Acting as your primary point of contact, your Account Manager reviews your initial and ongoing needs and develops a proactive management plan. Included is a schedule to review and evaluate our service. With you, your Account Manager then determines what new ideas can be implemented.

Quality Training

At ACCESS, our priority is maintaining the highest level of call contact services. To do this, our Quality Assurance team ensures that all systems and agents continue to meet - and exceed - both our own, and our clients', exacting performance standards.

We monitor and maintain high quality standards within our call centers by:

  • Monitoring and measurement of our operators on specific call processing and customer contact techniques.  
  • Monitoring programs can be customized to meet individual client and application requirements.  
  • Standard and custom test call programs to evaluate operator performance.  
  • Joint and remote monitoring - clients dial directly into ACCESS'S system

and monitor call, independent of ACCESS supervision.

Ongoing training and support are quintessential in maintaining high service standards for our call centers and our customers. ACCESS has a full time training program to enhance the productivity and quality of our agents. Our training program includes:

  • On-going training and education classes conducted weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the application.
  • Weekly quality circle meetings to encourage account feedback and provide additional training support.
  • Monitoring processes that use an illustrative and positive coaching environment.
  • A variety of training methods to ensure customer satisfaction. ACCESS has a full-time, seven-day week training department. Our training methods are some of the best in the industry. ACCESS monitors the effectiveness of our training through joint monitoring, focus group meetings with our agents and feed back from our clients, remote monitoring and test call efforts.

Finally, with your approval, your Account Manager manages all action items.

Our goal is to understand your needs and provide you with outstanding contact center support that gets results. We do this through:

  • Customer surveys
  • Quarterly and annual reviews
  • Expectation reviews
  • Media plan reviews
  • Agent focus groups

We continuously monitor our call center quality of service by providing:

  • Live and remote monitoring
  • Report reviews, including key performance indicators
  • Agent profile reviews
  • Quarterly screen and system call flow review

Additionally, we take a proactive role in working through action items and developing solution-oriented ideas. We perform:

  • Agent focus groups
  • Creation and updating of action item lists
  • Brainstorming meetings
  • Personal development training

Finally, we communicate the results and set new benchmarks for our call centers through:

  • Reporting
  • Quarterly and annual reviews
  • Senior management contact