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Call Center Service Referred to as CRM

Call Center Technology for Enhanced Telephone Answering Service Experience

CRM requires special contact management software. Therefore, ACCESS built our Call Center Technology to meet the comprehensive, integrated CRM approach, around the concept of pre-formatted Smart Applications that provide a unique platform and database independence for Web and client/server development.

Our Call Center System is scalable, manageable and flexible suite of applications offers:

  • Comprehensive, real-time Call Center information
  • Call Center Application integration
  • Legacy Call Center system integration
  • Integrated Call Center customer view
  • Multiple Call Center communication channel management
  • Intelligent Call Center workflow
  • Call Center Customization

IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response - through several affiliate organizations, like ABCI Telecom Consultants, we provide both turnkey IVR systems and complete business phone services using award winning IVR technology and facilities. Our IVR software provides flexible results and minimal development. Using open technology, IVR solutions can access information anywhere on your network and over the web.

AIVR is ACCESS's comprehensive collection of automatic inbound and outbound call tools for lead management. Inbound services include Register to Call and Click to Call. Outbound service includes Purchase to Call.

  • Register to Call requests that customers fill out a form for more information. These contact forms are then compiled into a list of leads to be followed up on. Our system can be configured to initiate preview dialing outbound calls immediately following registration or after a specified amount of time using an efficient progressive dialing system.
  • Click to Call enables online customers to request an immediate phone call from our customer service team. Product and service questions are resolved quickly so that online sales can be completed.
  • Purchase to Call ensures that you never miss making critical follow-up calls to customers who should receive special attention or nurturing. Calls are automatically scheduled based on rules you create. For instance, customers who place large orders are automatically called back 5 days after purchase.

AIVR is fully customizable to meet the needs of your customers, unlike other Click to Talk and Click to Dial systems. Calls can be initiated based on any action, such as clicks, purchases, registrations, web page views, and shopping cart or checkout process issues. Immediate lead response becomes possible with preview dialing and progressive dialing. Contact ACCESS today and we can put these innovative, free of charge tools to work for your business.